Ready, set, blog

Finally, after 2 months worth of weekends, I have finally got this site to the point where I feel like I can start publishing. It is still rough around the edges but this will do for now.

Comparison of blog template vs current

The point of a template is to edit and get started quickly. I kinda missed it

Moving forward, I want to make this my little corner for everything I create and move away from Facebook and all other social networks. I really don’t like the like/follower-craving or the disillusion of reality they evoke in me. I want to share because I like sharing and not for the intermittent dopamine rush of “Oh, this guy/girl liked it”.

Also, when I look at this internet now, it’s a mess. Almost every site is filled with an endless stream of popups, ads and permission banners to your soul. In comparison, I want to make this site a breath of fresh air with non of that. I know I am giving up on network effects, extra conversions and revenue with this - but what I hope is that by keeping it a pure place, I will find people who really like the content and who are not forced to accept it (except for my friends I guess). Ultimately, if at least one person sees what I create - that is enough for me.

Yeah, so about the content… there is not much here now. Guess I got to go and make stuff.

Published 16 Dec 2019

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Vaclav ("MASSIVECOCK") Dusek


16 Dec 2019 20:47


Hey, it looks great! I hope to read your tech posts especially but also I appreciate less ads :)

16 Dec 2019 20:54


I'm looking forward to reading your posts!

27 Dec 2019 20:25