My talks

A collection of rather poorly self-recorded videos of my talks/presentations as I learnt the art of long video recordings.

Tech talks

February 2020

Building responsive web apps with concurrent mode in React

Concurrent mode is an upcoming feature of React that enables you to keep your apps much more responsive during I/O or CPU bound operations. Get the highlights in this talk (Event) (Slides)

January 2020

What's the deal with Serverless anyway?

Serverless architecture is becoming a more and more talked about topic. Find out what it is, how it evolved and how you can get started with it using netlify functions (Event)

May 2018

GraphQL: How we switched and lessons learnt along the way

About why GraphQL is awesome and how to migrate to it from a typical REST setup (Medium post)

(First time live streaming - audio is missing for the first 7 minutes)

Other talks

February 2020


My journey into home automation and how I went a bit too far 

(New Mac struggles - clearing the SD card still left files in an 'invisible' trash causing the camera to run out of space before the most interesting part)
February 2019

10 countries, 10 stories

How my travels began and some of the stories along the way 

(First long recording - didn't realize camera had a max of 15 minutes per recording at its max quality level. Entire talk was over an hour)
October 2018


Pitch at Startup weekend Prague: Public services about platform to support the homeless 

(Asked a friend to record, he propped the camera in PORTRAIT on a chair. Also one of my phone's mics are dead so audio is only on the left)