The final beginning

What does one do after buying a new MacBook while travelling in NYC? I don’t know about you but I decided to take my overpriced laptop to an overpriced coffee shop and write this. Oh and to also take down the entire blog and deploy an entirely new blog platform from said MacBook.

Over the last few months, I decided to start studying again which meant that I had to let this blog sit idly by. This did not sit well with me and I had a vision of turning this blog into a hub for everything I have created and learnt, including the presentations I have given, a portfolio of my work and the random tech projects I have worked on. I didn’t dare to go into this before since being techy makes this unreadable for a lot of the people I know but at the end of the day that is who I am. I am a tech guy and a traveller. Moreover, with the path I have chosen, I need something to demonstrate my abilities. My “qualifications” are definitely not going to cut it.

This site is only a skeleton now since I am moving to Gatsby instead of Wordpress. I was constantly unsettled before since the was only held together by some aggressive caching policies to compensate for the “premium” Wordpress theme that slowed my cheap web hosting to a crawl.

Arghh, enough with this rambling rant. I should get back to exploring the city instead of camping in a Starbucks.

Update: This was a terrible idea. I just spent 3 hours in this Starbucks holding back a pee while every part of the deployment process broke.

Macbook on table in Starbucks

Published 27 Sep 2019

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18 Nov 2019 11:12