What I learnt after travelling the world

Over the last few years I have traveled to 13 countries, most of them by myself. It’s still hard for me to believe that I have been living in the Czech Republic for 2 years now. This is a quick recap of all of it.

Moving to Czech Republic #5: How did it change me?

So here are the big questions. How did this experience affect me? How did I change? Was it worth it?

Moving to Czech Republic #4: Adapting to Czech culture

This is a deep dive into everything below the surface with a lot of my experiences in Czech Republic.

Moving to Czech Republic #3: Adapting to Czech Republic

Back in Malaysia, Marie told me that “Everything is different” in Europe. How can everything be different?

Moving to Czech Republic #2: Getting in

In short: Things don't go to plan

Moving to Czech Republic #1: Why did I do it?

A crazy idea, That's how all this began.

How I became a Techie #2

The cops never found who did it.

How I become a Techie #1

My dad was known by our extended family for his “I-can-fix-it” attitude. I used to watch him and eventually, I developed a very similar mindset.