July 2015Story

My exchange to Malaysia: The turning point of my life

The most profound experience of my life 

February 2017Experiment

What I learnt after building my own app/social network

Lessons learnt the hard way 

May 2020Story

The invisible stories

Tales of prejudice and bureaucracy 

October 2017Photo Gallery

Signal Fest

A few snaps from the annual light festival in Prague 

April 2020Experiment

Room automation #1: The lights

The start of an unexpectedly long journey. 

March 2019Photo Gallery

Into the desert in Dubai

After seeing the frozen side of the world, it was time for the opposite. 

March 2018Photo Gallery

Icehotel, Sweden

We humans sure think of some strange stuff 

December 2019Photo Gallery

Užupis, Lithuania

Also known as the artists' neighborhood of Vilnius 

December 2019Milestone

Ready, set, blog

Finally, after 2 months of weekends, I am done. 

September 2019Photo Gallery

Grand Canyon, USA

On most of the hikes I have been on so far, the hard part was the start where one has to climb to the top. In a canyon, this is turned on its head 

October 2019Thoughts

22 days on the road: Thoughts on the longest trip I have taken so far

2 continents and 7 stops in 22 days. These are some of my takeaways for next time. 

October 2019Thoughts

Choosing the single life

Changing the frame of my life